About David

Dave Benson Personal Trainer StaffordshireHaving been heavily involved in competitive Judo for 13 years I have developed both an understanding and love for training and nutrition. This understanding has been cemented by my time at college and university, where extensive studying of sport and exercise science was undertaken. I developed such a want of how to push the human body I managed to create and develop my own fitness in my final year of university which assessed the specific fitness of Judoka (judo players).

However, it didn’t stop at pushing others to their max. I myself always look for new challenges and goals. Being competitive in judo I always strived to be the best I could possibly be, if it meant having to diet down, be stronger, fitter, or faster I would always make sure my weak areas were covered. This meant programming everything step by step with careful planning and specific goals so I would be at my very physical best. This is the approach I take with my personal training clients. I make sure a clear cut plan is constructed and planned to fit around them. This aided with the additional nutritional advice and supplementation so the client can optimise their performance in every session.


What to expect with David Benson Personal Training

David Benson Personal Training operates all of their services from only the highest of quality gyms. David Benson Personal Training operates from a gym called LS Fitness in Stafford. LS Fitness provides what can only be described as a high quality service, with modern equipment and fantastic customer care. If you’re looking at having sessions with David Benson Personal Training then come down to LS Fitness.

David Benson Personal Training is a professional service which guarantees fun, variety and results. One thing David Benson personal training prides themselves on is variety. Not one session or program will be the same. The programs will always vary but the intensity and results gained from each session will not. Every session is always geared around the client, and the client is made the highest priority. Lastly, when training with David Benson Personal Training the sessions will be fun but also hard work. David Benson Personal training keeps the sessions engaging but also intense making sure that you are working to your absolute maximum and full potential.



  • Sport and Exercise Science Bsc (Hons)
  • Gym Instructor Level 2
  • Personal Trainer Level 3
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Level 3
  • Advanced Fitness Instructor Level 3
  • Advanced Fitness Appraisal Level 3
  • Sports Massage Level 3
  • Strength and Conditioning Level 3