Sports Massage

Dave Benson Sports MassageBenson Personal Training also deliver Sports Massages. Don't let the name of these massages put you off as they are a magnificient aid to anyone becoming involved in sports training. The benefits of a sports massage are assisting in soft tissue repair, increase in flexibility, injury prevention, pain reduction, increase functioning of muscles, greater postional awareness (correcting posture), and aid in removing metabolic waste.

David Benson is the head masseur delivering all the treatments for Bensons sports massages. David Benson is gathering both a reliable and respectable name through staffordshire, stafford area, having delt with a lot of the long distance runners in preparation for the Stafford Half Marathon. David Benson is experienced and confident in aiding sports men and womens recovery no matter what the sport.

Bensons Sports Massage is a professional service where by treatment is given based upon assessment and listening to the clients needs.

Operating from LS Fitness, Stafford, Staffordshire the facilities are kept to all health and safety regulations and only the highest of quality materials and equipment are used. LS Fitness have provided both a relaxing and comforting room where effective and beneficial treatments can be delivered.